New EP Rules for 2014

2014 EP Rule Update

Orrca Qld has just released the new rules for all Ep class for 2014

Rule 2.3 – 2.6 Tech up date to Body rules

Rule 3.2 Number of Batteries

Rule 3.9 Lipo cut off

Rule 3.15 Orrca safety on Batteries

Rule 4.1 – 4.5 Clarification on Motors and Esc

Rule 7.0 Simplified Body Rules for All

Rule 8.16 Additional markings for tires

Rule 9.9 – 9.11 update to body rules

Section 10 Add (Reference)

To read the new rule update please down load it from the rules section

I would like to thanks Ed Clark for his time in assisting Orrca Qld with the new rule updates for 2014

I will be leaving this thread open for any feed back you wish to give us, so please leave your comments

Of course this thread will be monitored


John Taynton

Gas Tourer and Super Stock Titles

Orrca Qld would like to congratulate Qrccra on there successful bid for the 2014 Gas Tourer and Super Stock Titles to be held in May

More Info to come in the coming weeks so stay tuned for any updates

Wing Rule update

Orrca Qld has made a clarification to the wing rule 9.14

The rule may have caused some confusion and now reads as:

Overall Wing size Inc endplates (WxDxH) 190x40x20Max (mm)
Wings (excluding endplates) are to be of single moulded construction (no flat-packs/bend your own) and to be mounted directly to the body (no spacer between shell and wing), on the mounts provided at the back of the shell. 

Orrca Qld apologise for any confusion

Rules updated

Ep Tech Rules have now been update

  • Rule 3.10 – 3.12 Battery C rating updated
  • Rule 4.9 Update to cooling of esc and Motors
  • Rule 8.4 Update to Modification of Controlled Tire


AGM 2013

Today a new committee was elected to Orrca Qld.

The new committee members consist of:

President –  John Taynton

Vice President – Graham Lloyd-Jones

Treasure – John Hanson

Secretary – Kerry Lloyd-Jones

Committee NQRORR – Collin Williams

Committee – Kerry Novak

Committee – Glenn Chivers

Committee – Shane Hyde