2010 Qld Titles Gas Tourer, Super Stock, 540 Masters

The 2010 ORRCA Queensland Championship for Gas Tourer, Superstock and 540 Masters takes place at Bayside (Brisbane), March 26-28.

Entry form, race format and technical regulations for this event are included below. Note that the rules detailed here supersede other ORRCA Queensland rules for this event only. All documents are in MS Word format.

Entry Form

Race Format

Tech Rules

Other links relating to this event include:

Bayside RC (host club) website


  1. Note that the host club have announced control tyre for EP classes for this event is Sorex 36r. Tyres are self-supplied, with wheels and inserts free choice.

  2. And the winners were

    Super Stock
    1st & TQ – Clinton Livingstone
    2nd – Corey Broadstock
    3rd – Chris Sturdy

    Gas Results
    1st – Tim Weir
    2nd, TQ & Best Junior – Chance Karlsson
    3rd – John La Spina

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