Uploaded Meeting Minutes March, April and July 2011.

EP Onroad Titles Bayside 2011



2011 ORRCA QLD 1/10th EP Offroad Titles

Short Course Truck

Brendon Curcuruto 1st
Daniel Willis 2nd 11
Bryce Richards 3rd
Daniel Geck 4th
Armando Amorim 5th
Dan McKelvey 6th
Scott Fluker 7th
Wayne Quinn 8th
Don French 9th
Ted Fay 10th

2WD 17.5

Gavin Thompson 1st
Colin Williams 2nd
Warren Short 3rd
Rod Mann 4th
James K 5th

2WD Modified

Leigh Cheeseman 1st
Andrew Prigg 2nd
Keith Williams 3rd
Brenton Ross 4th
Russell Noble 5th
Anthony Angell 6th

4WD 17.5

Damien Partridge 1st
Gavin Thompson 2nd
Warren Short 3rd
Mark Kobelt 4th
Rod Mann 5th
James K 6th

4WD Modified

Leigh Cheeseman 1st
Brendon Curcuruto 2nd
Keith Williams 3rd
Zack Cambetis 4th
Andrew Prigg 5th
Brenton Ross 6th
Anthony Angell 7th
Brendon Grinham 8th
Yianni Cambetis 9th
Paul French 10th

Modified Truck

Daniel Willis 1st)
Anthony Angell 2nd
Brad Byrnes 3rd
Russell Noble 4th
Wayne Quinn 5th
Brenton Ross 6th
Kyle Coxhedge 7th
Bryce Richards 8th
Dan McKelvey 9th
Colin Williams 10th

ORRCA 2011 Gas Tourers
1 John Taynton (TQ)
2 Graham Lloyd Jones
3 Johnny LaSpina (Best junior)
4 Chance Karlsson
5 Peter Giblin
6 Jordan Kidas
7 John Wuersching
8 Chase Gregory
9 Ray Griffiths
10 Brock Giblin
11 Greg Faith
12 Trevor Connors
13 Johnny Hyde
14 Jayson Faith
15 jacina t Pearson
16 Peter Lauder
17 Stuart Pearson
18 Luke Sinanian (non starter)

.The AGM will be held on 9th July – venue and time TBA
.Nomination form for positions can be downloaded from Documents section – go here.
Condensed ROAR Approved Sportsman ESC’s and all Motors updated May 2011 HERE
ONROAD Tech rules 9.5.2011 uploaded to racing rules section (removal of LIPO capacity and C rating limits)

CAIRNS 10th to 12th JUNE
entry form here
Onroad Tech Rules updated to show 21.5 and 17.5 classes and the changed battery rules and the club listings have been updated.
News items 30.03.2011
1/  The following clubs have held events with proceeds going to the flood appeal.  QRCCRA(Brendale), Chargers and Downs.  Downs held a special 2 day flood appeal event at Toowoomba Show Grounds.
2/  Web site updates Feb 23rd 2011 Committee meeting minutes.
3/  It has been found that the higher (60-65) the C rating of a Li-Po battery compared to a lower (20-30) C rating the more punch they give a spec motor, hence the limiting to 65 C which is starting to become common now. This limiting combined with the capacity should help keep costs to a reasonable level and not make drivers feel they need to update their Batteries every time something new comes out. ORRCA Q will keep an eye on the ROAR and BRCA lists to keep up to date with available 6000 mAh/65 C Batteries and update as required.
4/ The Sportsman ESC list has been updated by adding some pictures and also the Motor listing have been updated, thanks to Lars for doing this.
5/ Added the Electric Off Road rules, these are the 2011 AARCMCC rules.
ORRCA Gas Tourer Qld Titles
Entry Form here
January 2011 Committee meeting minutes available under ‘Documents”
November Committee meeting Minutes now available under “Documants”
2011 GT Titles
Sunshine Coast Radio Control Club has been awarded the 2011 Gas Tourer titles to be run at there Landsborough Track on the 26th and 27th of March.
The Gas Tourer minimum weight has been reduced to 1725 g
Added list of Sportsman ESC’s allowed in the new 17.5 class for 2011.
June and October Minutes are now on the Documents page

At the ORRCA committee meeting 12.10.10 decisons were made about classes for 2011

Full report here

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