Electric On Road Section

ORRCA Qld inc maintains a set of rules for the conduct of electric R/C car racing. The rules apply to annual Queensland Championship events. Some member clubs utilise the ORRCA Qld rules as a guideline for their own local racing.

The current rules are provided for download, together with an archive of earlier rule sets.



On Road Electric Technical Rules Revised 31/3/15

  • Rule 1.2 Class names amended
  • (further references in rule set also adjusted)
  • Rule 1.4 Reworded eligibility for TC3 class
  • Rule 4.9 added – Limitation on number of cooling fans
  • Rule 5.11 Limitation of number of cooling fans
  • Rule 8.2 Change to prebuilt control tyre combination
  • Rule 8.4 Altered to accommodate 8.2
  • Rule 2.3 – 2.6 Tech up date to Body rules

On Road Electric Technical Rules 10.5

On-road Electric Race Format Revised March 2013 Rules Changes

  • Rule 10.4   All three finals will count

Approved Sportsman ESC List – May 2011

ROAR Approved Non-Timing ESC(link) PDF version


Old Rule Updates


On Road Electric Technical Rules Revised 11/12

  • Rule 8.17 tyres update for impound
  • Rule 9.13 wing update for type of wings
  • Rule 9.18 incorrect numbers